Helping You Deliver Life

We are a small group of midwives dedicated to women’s health, which strives to provide comprehensive, holistic and evidence based care.

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Our Clientele

Our catchment area encompasses east of the Vanier Parkway to Hawkesbury, north of the 417 to the Ottawa River.  We are located in Blackburn Hamlet, in the Medical-Dental building at 2575 Innes Road.  We offer home and hospital births and have admitting privileges at the Montfort Hospital. We strive to provide bilingual services to Ottawa's growing population.

Our Logo

Our logo was designed to best represent our strengths and the vision of the work midwives do.  The moon has been used throughout history to symbolize women due to the lunar 28 day cycle, which follows women’s menstrual cycle.  The crescent moon, also known as the New Moon is a symbol of new life, and of, women helping women.

Professional Care

We are founded on respect for pregnancy and birth as a normal, healthy process and a profound social, emotional and cultural event in a woman's life. A midwife is a regulated health care professional who provides primary care to women during their pregnancy, labour and birth, and cares for mothers and their babies during the first 6 weeks postpartum.

Stress Free Pregnancy

The quality care that our midwives provide, is about much more than delivering babies.  Midwives counsel, monitor and support the health of the mother from early in the pregnancy, through birth and the post-partum period, which we consider is an essential part of promoting a healthy, stress free pregnancy.